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Bearberry extract liquid

The leaves of the bearberry plant contain diverse phytochemicals which give it some pretty big anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

Bearberry Extract Has Powerful Skin-Brightening Properties

Bearberry foliage contains a high concentration of hydroquinones (mainly in the form of arbutin), which is what gives bearberry extract it’s skin-lightening properties.

Arbutin is a popular skin-lightening ingredient used in skincare products, which works by breaking down into hydroquinone and reducing melanin synthesis by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. In simpler terms, what this means is that arbutin (or bearberry extract) work to fade hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin (pigment)

Usage rate; 2-10%

Can be added to

Body scrubs

Body lotion or Cream

Liquid wash

Black soaps





100gram, 250gram, 500gram, 1kg

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