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Not all forms of vitamin C can pass through your skin. In order for your skin to use vitamin C, it needs to be in a form called ascorbic acid. However, ascorbic acid is unstable and breaks down when exposed to heat, oxygen, or light.

The ascorbic acid in powdered vitamin C is a more resistantTrusted Source than other forms, and it’s thought to retain more of its benefits than vitamin C found in serums or lotions.

Some of the benefits of applying vitamin C to your face include:

  • Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant
  • Vitamin C promotes collagen production
  • Vitamin C lightens skin
  • Vitamin C replenishes vitamin E
  • Vitamin C protects skin from sun and pollution

How to use:

Here’s how you can apply powdered vitamin C to your face:

  1. Add a small amount of powder to the palm of your hand. The package will likely give you specific instructions on how much to use.
  2. Mix the vitamin C powder with a serum or lotion in the palm of your hand. ResearchTrusted Source has found that for vitamin C to be beneficial, it needs to make up at least 8 percent of the solution. A concentration higher than 20 percent may cause skin irritation.
  3. Apply the solution either to your entire face or as a spot treatment.

As with any skincare product, it’s a good idea to test a small amount of powdered vitamin C on a small section of your skin in a less-visible spot 24 hours before applying it to your whole face. This way you can see if you’re allergic to it.

Quick Tips:

Powdered vitamin C is thought to be more stable than other forms of vitamin C. You can mix it with skin serums and lotions to help improve your skin health. For the best results, you should use less than a 4-to-1 ratio of vitamin C to your lotion or serum.





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