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Phenylethyl Resorcinol or more commonly known as ‘SymWhite’ is both an antioxidant and a skin-lightening agent that is naturally derived from the scotch pine bark tree. It has an excellent ability to remain stable in most cosmetic formulations making it a highly efficient skin-lightening agent. It is best dissolved in oil or propylene glycol and is stable at a pH of 3.5.

Unlike other powders, SymWhite is highly sensitive to heat and should be mixed at the very last step of a product formulation. The formula temperature must be below 40°C.


SymWhite is compatible with most skin-lightening actives including SepiWhite, GigaWhite, Vitamin C, L-Glutathione, Kojic Acid, and Kojic dipalmitate.

Note: Avoid mixing too many powders into one lotion, aim for no more than 3 active skin lightening ingredients in one formulation.

Percentage & Usage: 
You should aim to use no more than 2-5% of any of our skin lightening additives in a single formulation. Using more than necessary can be counterproductive. Calculating percentages in a lotion is very straightforward, and guidelines have been shown below.

To make a 2% lotion, use 2grams of the Sym White Powder in a 100gram base lotion.

To make a 5% lotion, use 5grams of the Sym White Powder in a 100gram base lotion.

Although the above guidelines are sufficient for the application of most powders – the utilization rate of SymWhite powder is between 0.1% – 1% – with a recommended utilization rate of 0.5%.





50gram, 100gram, 250gram


10gram, 10ml, 20gram

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