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Malic acid is one of a family of fruit acids, called alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs stimulate exfoliation by interfering with how your skin cells bond. As a result, dull skin is removed to make way for newer skin.

Skincare products containing malic acid can provide benefits that include:

  • skin hydration
  • exfoliation, or the removal of dead skin cells
  • improved skin smoothness and tone
  • reduction in wrinkles

Malic acid is also an important substance in the process your body uses to derive energy from the food you eat.

Keep reading to discover why malic acid is one ingredient you’ll want to keep an eye out for when shopping for skincare products.


Although malic acid may be less irritating on the skin than other AHAs, it should still be used with caution.

Malic acid can cause redness, itching, and swelling, and make your skin more sensitiveTrusted Source to UVB rays. This is more likely to occur in sensitive areas around the eyes and when it’s used in high concentrations or for longer periods of time.

Be sure to patch test a product containing AHAs before applying it to a wider area of your skin.

To patch test, swab a small amount of product on your wrist or behind your ear. Then, wait 24 hours to see how your skin reacts. If your skin begins to burn, wash off the product immediately. Seek medical attention if the irritation doesn’t go away after washing.


Many cosmetic companies use malic acid to adjust the pH levels of their products and as a mild skin exfoliant.





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