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It is common for Cetyl Alcohol to be wrongly understood as the type of alcohol that has drying effects on the skin, such as rubbing alcohol; however, on the contrary, Cetyl Alcohol is skin-friendly with hydrating, conditioning, and softening properties that benefit both skin and hair. It is an alcohol that is derived from a fat, such as a vegetable oil like Coconut Oil or Palm Oil; hence it is also called Palmityl Alcohol. Not to be mistaken for Ethyl Alcohol – the main ingredient in alcoholic beverages – Cetyl Alcohol receives its name from the Latin word cetus, meaning “whale oil,” as this was the substance from which Cetyl Alcohol was first obtained. NDA’s Cetyl Alchol Raw Material is available in the form of unscented flakes or pellets that, at room temperature, are waxy in texture and white in color.

It contributes to their thickness and volume while enhancing their textures and spreadability. Furthermore, by helping the skin retain moisture, it promotes softness and smoothness.

USAGE RATE; 2-5% of the total Oil phase





100gram, 250gram, 500gram, 1kg

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